Friday, November 13, 2009

Visit to Salt Lake

In late October we were pleased to have CoDele Tenney, Lynnette's sister, come to St. George for a visit. She flew from her home in Santa Rosa, CA. to Las Vegas where we picked her up. After a few days in St. George, we then traveled to Salt Lake for a visit with the rest of the family. CoDele, Kathleen, and Lynnette attended Marn's (CoDele's daughter) annual Halloween party while Doug, Eric and I attended the BYU football game against TCU. BYU did not do very well (actually the game was very one sided). Lynnette and I also traveled to sites that we have not visited for many years. We enjoyed driving up the canyons to the see the ski areas, visiting temple square at night, having lunch at the Hires Drive-in by the U (Lynnette's old lunch spot when she was going to the U), visitng downtown Salt Lake, and the This Is The Place monument. We had a great time visiting the area and the members of the family. It is always great to have CoDele visit our home.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pinstripping and Entrance Sign

I recently had pinstripping added to the Chevy which helps to break up the total redness of the car and adds definition to the flames on the front of the car. Also we have a new sign in front of the house that seems to be appropriate.

Ray and Carolee Lowry visited with us last week for a few days in St. George. One of the trips we took was to the Pine Valley area to see the oldest active church building, the new memorial for the Mountain Meadows Massacre and to enjoy a picnic on the banks of the lake. We enjoyed visiting with Ray and Carolee.

I built a house for the turtle in the backyard, but I still thinks he prefers his mortorhome-shell. I think it will be interesting if he will use it in the winter. This will be his home when he hibernates for the winter.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Classic Car Night

There are a lot of classic car activities in the St. George area. Every third Saturday in the evening during the good weather months the Iceburg Drive-in, a local hamburger joint, host any classic cars that would like to show up. Last Saturday I drove the Healey there. As you can see, there are always a lot of cars there, but the participants vary a lot. My favorite car last Saturday was the black 32 highboy roadster. Even though it was glass, the car was very well done.

We usually are there from about 6 to 9 pm. About 8:30 I noticed a big black cloud northwest of town. You guess it, it was a big thunder cloud. I immediately departed and of course it poured before I could get home. I could hardly see it was raining so hard and I was nailed by a big sagebrush bush rolling along the street on Sunset Blvd. Since I could not see very well, I thought that I had been nailed by another car without headlight. After an inspection, the bush did not scratch the paint. The stories and the participates are great and we generally have a very good time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bear Lake Trip

Grandpa Law's barn. The other barn has collapsed.
The Law home on the highway.

The Law home in Paris

The Smedly home in Paris

The cabin looks great, but I am sure that it would be cold at night.

The trees on the hills are turning

Bear Lake

Last week Lynnette and I spent the week at Bear Lake staying with Shirley and Sheldon at their condo located at Ideal Beach. The weather was colder, the leaves on the trees were turning color and we had a very enjoyable a quite week. La Beaus was still open so we did have some raspberry milkshakes. After Labor Day the lake is very quite and there does not seem to be many people in the area. There were only a few boats on the lake. We went to Montpelier and had a great visit with Aunt Ester. She seems to be doing fine.

The photographs that I took included some of the old family homes in Paris.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Over the Labor Day weekend, Dave and Jilynn and their family came to St. George for a visit. It is always a lot of fun when any of our children and our grandchildren come for a visit. On Labor Day, we went to Pine View, UT. which is located about 30 miles north of St George in a high valley. I believe that the elevation is approximately 6000 feet. In the summer the area is much cooler than St. George and during the winter they receive a lot of snow.
The Church in Pine Valley is the oldest operating LDS chapel. It has been open and used for services since the middle 1800's. The structure of the church is very interesting. The pioneers did not know how to build a building, but one member knew how to build ships. The frame of the building is very unique in that it looks like an up side down boat. Pine Valley has produced a lot of lumber for the area including some logs that were used to build the pipes for the organ in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. Even though the lumber industry is not longer a viable, many people still live there. They have 300-400 members there for Sacrament meeting in the summer. How do they do that? There are jacks outside the chapel and they set up big screen televisions on the lawn to accommodate the number of people attending. Bring your own chair. Great setting. They do not h ave the full church program so if you have children that are in primary or young men or young women in you family, you attend a regualr chapel a few miles down the road.
After visiting the chapel, we had a picnic in the national park located in Pine Valley. At the end of the day we had a great time and the grandchildren were happy to see their beds.